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EFI Cretaprint C3

Multipurpose digital ceramic decoration printer

EFI Cretaprint’s new generation of digital ceramic printers is much more robust and can hold up to 8 ceramic printing bars for decoration and special finishing purposes. This is possible thanks to the design of its electronics, its cuttingedge software and its innovative system that allows working with different print heads in the same machine: some for printing and others with stronger ink discharge to apply special finishings.

A chassis that suits your plant

One of the main innovations introduced into all EFI Cretaprint 3G printer configurations is its single and compact chassis, which renders both the machine installation on site and subsequent updates simpler and faster. Thus, you will be able to maintain your inkjet printer always updated with the latest enhancements by our R&D&I Department.However, the real beauty of this top-notched printer is that it provides more ceramic decoration options thanks to its decoration and application of special effects system, while perfectly fitting in your plant’s physical space.


With EFI Cretaprint new all-in-one-machine inkjets we offer you endless configuration options to best meet your requirements. You can choose:

  • Number of decoration bars.
  • Number of special application bars.
  • Printing width.
  • Printing features suitable to your resolution, speed and ink discharge requirements.
  • Print direction.

Independent printing bars

Our new printers follow the modular concept typical of our inkjet printers: separate and independent printing bars. This fact, coupled with the inter-bar aspiration system, prevents steam build-up and condensation in the print head.

Easy-to-access machine

Printing bars can be removed through an accurate and perfectly adjusted pneumatic system that guarantees the printing quality. Once removed, the bars can be fully accessed to carry out both daily operations and preventive maintenance work. The printer may continue working while specific tasks are performed on any of its bars.


Print head protection

Whenever a bar is not delivering ink, it remains protected: A dual laser at the machine’s entrance detects both the position and the thickness of each piece. Thus, printing bars come down and adjust themselves to the tile’s height. Meanwhile, the bars that will not apply any decoration or special effect remain above and protected.


EFI Cretaprint was the pioneer in allowing ink recirculation in the print head, which can increase productivity as shown below:

  • Fewer stops to clean the heads.
  • Use of more viscous inks and, therefore, less ink consumption.
  • Faster speed in the manufacturing line since tiles can be decorated at higher temperature

Exclusive patented ink system

EFI Cretaprint new printers’ ink system is an intelligent and simplified system to facilitate maintenance by workers and allow for a cleaner filling process.
In addition, it introduces a new ink feeding mechanism that has been exclusively patented by EFI Cretaprint. A collector unit system is used to keep pressure distribution and flows constant. It also minimises potential sedimentation in the print head.

EFI Cretaprint Operation System

EFI Cretaprint’s exclusive software provides integral printer management capabilities. It uses the latest interface technology to optimise the printer’s capabilities across its options. It is a tactile system that is 100% updatable remotely, which enables the worker to handle all the elements fast and intuitively.
It includes additional features such as TAS (Tone Adjustment System), linearisation or ink consumption calculation. TAS is based on an intuitive interface that guides the user through the process of study and application of changes in tone or intensity to apply to a model. This feature for all our machines enable adjustments or variations on existing models in the system without use of external additional software or extensive knowledge in color management


The electronic design of our printers is based on the modular distribution of all their components, thus facilitating future upgrades and allowing full accessibility. The electronic system of our inkjet printers delivers high performance by using a main computer to upload image files and slave computers that manage the printing of said files. The result is increased graphical variability and nonstop manufacturing. EFI Cretaprint’s electronics makes it possible to choose from various printing options and simultaneously use different head prints in the same machine: some for decoration and others to apply effects.

Serial UPS

Printers are fitted with a serial Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) that switches off the machine in a controlled manner in case of a power outage. Thus, it protects the heads mechanically as well as the data stored in the computers while keeping the ink recirculation to avoid sedimentation






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